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Client / 
Mrs.Hoang Anh

Townhouse - Villa/
House lot 31.1
Job / 
Construction Design
Interior - Interior
Design & Build

Style / 
Semi Classic

Acreage / 
Time / 

Semi-Classical Townhouse Interior Design

Semi Classical Townhouse - Semi Classical Townhouse

Interior Design and Construction Project for Semi-Classical Townhouse 31.1 HCM

Semi-Classical Style - Semi-Classical - Dong Nai

Co-IDB – 2022

  • Type: Townhouse - 6m x 15m

  • Total area: 90m2

Co-IDB Team was tasked by the lovely hostess to come up with an interior design for her home to achieve sophistication, sharpness and elegance with the main style towards Semi-classical. The contours of each piece of furniture are carefully selected by the design team to discuss with the owner to create a product that is the perfect home from every angle.

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