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Mr Nam

The Peak District 7
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Construction Design
Design & Build

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Apartment Interior Design - Apartment

The Peak Apartment Project - District 7 - HCM

The Peak Apartment Interior Design and Construction Project

Modern Style - Modern - 2BR - District 7 HCM

Co-IDB – 2021

  • Type: 2 bedroom apartment

  • Total area: 100m2

The 2-bedroom apartment is designed, constructed and furnished by a team of designers and architects of Co-IDB. The project was completed right at Christmas time in 2021 with the satisfaction and compliments from the Investor. 

With the types of apartments designed and constructed from AZ as at The Peak project, Co-IDB is always ready and proactive in the implementation and coordination with the apartment management board to ensure the progress and safety in the project. throughout the construction process.

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