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8 Future Workplace Design Trends for 2023 and Beyond

Trends in the workplace interior design are business changes that are expected to increase over the next few years. Some examples of trends are hybrid work, employee well-being, and continuous learning. The goal of highlighting trends is to inform employers about industry changes and help companies create more forward-thinking workplaces. Trends can help employers: Improve company culture Encourage employee retention Beat workplace fatigue

Flexibility and adaptability in workplace design

One size does not fit all – flexibility is essential for employee retention and productivity, and flexibility is essential for quality of life. Hybrid work environments that support both digital and physical work environments are in high demand, with designers adapting to seamlessly transition between the two.

Health and wellness for all

Designers incorporate wellness principles into all projects – residential and commercial. These days, offices are holistic, with companies investing in mental, spiritual and physical health and well-being. Onsite fitness is more popular than ever – with gyms, yoga, and physical therapy – as well as mental health services such as onsite clinics, wellness rooms, and mindful breathers.

Creative interior design

“Design” is the key to a company’s identity – it’s a way for companies to express themselves as a brand, and to create spaces that are meaningful, flexible, and fun!

Designing sustainable office interior projects

In the past, designers were expected to sell ‘green’ projects to their clients – but now sustainability has become the main driver for most projects.

Designers are keen to specify products as locally and regionally as possible, while manufacturers are dedicated to becoming carbon-neutral in their manufacturing processes.

Designing sustainable interior products

We’re now seeing products made from almost anything – furniture made from eco-friendly coatings made from recycled jeans and leather, concrete made from recycled waste from the sea, and so much more.

Some brands have applied into interior design. Such as: Danish flooring brand Ege Carpets, has launched a new collection of flooring called Transition, which is designed by the firm of Saguez and Partner. The collection is made from Econyl Yarn, which is fabricated from abandoned nets, which forms the loop pile. The variegated pattern is inspired by forest floors.

Finding a Wrkplace Design and Build

Co-IDB is a professional Interior Design and Construction Solution Consulting Company in Vietnam. We focus on the segment of Offices, Workspaces, and Show Units. Co-IDB Team has had many opportunities to cooperate with multinational enterprises such as: AIA, Rosen, Surtec, NCH, Lingble; Domestic enterprises such as: CII E&C, 577, Hoa Lam Corporation, VK Soho Office, Danh Khoi Group...

We have carried out a number of Architectural Design projects with remarkable impressions from Clients by Unique Ideas, bringing the Unique Essence of the Brand into design.

Co-IDB is always appreciated for the Quality of Service. We are on the path to build a Brand with WARM HEART and VISION. Your project is managed from the beginning to the end by a team of Professional Consultants and Supervisors. Co-IDB wants Our Clients to receive the highest quality and the greatest satisfaction. Our belief is presented by "Quality not quantity".


Workplace Design and Build
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